Sources of advice and information

With Covid-19 providing the biggest challenge to the global economy since the Global Financial Crisis over a decade ago, businesses and practices need to keep a close eye on the developing situation.

These resources are designed to provide signposting to the latest information and advice on a constantly changing scenario.


International Monetary Fund (IMF): what we know what we can do

World Economic Forum –  the international organisation for public-private co-operation – is providing daily updates, information and resources

World Bank on how it is working with partners to accelerate international response

International Crime Services; investment fraud and cyber scam warnings related to COVID 19

European Central Bank (ECB) closely monitoring developments

International Chamber of Shipping

Government response

European Commission response including economic and business outlook

UK HM Treasury uses Budget to announce support for businesses, individuals and public services

Singapore government information hub

Hong Kong SAR information hub

UK business support

UK government advice for business

Institute of Directors offers advice and resources

CBI works to support business

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) asks whether the business continuity plan is up to date

Information on healthcare advice for employers and support for businesses

International travel advice


US Department of State travel updates

Geo-political input

KPMG gives a geo-political perspective

Harvard Business Review reflects on impact including response form Chinese companies

Respected economists Capital Economics assesses likely economic impact


Three of Big Four provide briefing on supply chain disruption:




Business impact

Consultancies Bain and McKinsey on minimising the impact

CAANZ, ACCA strategic partner, with advice including outlook for business

Business – supply chain and export

PwC examines global export of services

Capital and financial markets

UK Finance Banking and finance industry ready to respond to concern of customers

Bank of England outlines measures responding to economic shock

Report detailing likely effect on banking and capital markets

The workplace

WHO guidance on getting the workplace ready for COVID 19

WHO on infection prevention and control