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West Gauteng Chamber of Commerce and Tourism

(Inc West Rand Chamber of Business and Tourism)

Non-Profit Company (NPC): Reg No. 1945/020230/08 VAT No. 4840111670
Directors: M Xulu (President), N Malefane (Deputy President), N Pollock (Vice President/ Treasurer),
M Motshumi (Chamber Forum Chair), L Blackbeard, C Dlamini, N Grimsel, H Ndlovu, M Jacobs, A Mahomed, K Madingoane,
V Pierce, K Timmal, N Van Wyk, A Mukoki (CEO)

27 February 2024

SACCI Membership Deliverables
Dear Members
The Board, Council and Management of the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) remains grateful for your steadfast commitment to the unity, order, development, promotion, and prosperity of the South African economy through your membership in SACCI. As South Africa’s most broadly representative organised business formation, SACCI continues to be the bedrock of the current and future interests of the private sector and broader economic actors in South Africa. Through our membership, we should continuously improve our relations as fellow members to ensure that we achieve significant tangible outcomes for both the unique priorities of each member and the collective interests of Corporate South Africa. We reiterate that SACCI continues to drive its work through the following Strategic Pillars.
❖ Inclusive economic growth & development.
❖ Constructive Public and Private Stakeholder engagements.
❖ Entrepreneurship.
❖ Infrastructure: (Facilities. Electricity. Rail. Road. Water. Connectivity).
❖ Regional and International partnerships.
❖ Revenue generation.
❖ Membership benefits and relations.
These Strategic Pillars were crafted carefully by the membership, taking into account the state of the South African economy, the strategic priorities of members and the aspiration to become a globally competitive economy.

As we evolve our membership relations, we wish to introduce the concept of “SACCI Membership Deliverables”, a bilateral bond between SACCI and its individual members to enforce the mutual commitment towards the implementation of the Strategic Pillars. These deliverables will be anchored by the interests of each member, in the context of our collectively shared strategic pillars.
Over the next two quarters, we will engage each member to source your corporate priorities and align them to one or more of the 7 pillars with the intention of creating your SACCI Membership Deliverables. We believe that this will enhance the value of your membership, allow us to aggregate corporate affairs resources, and have focussed engagements with stakeholders whose decisions and actions have a bearing on the wellbeing of our business interests. I am looking forward to meeting you in the near future to jointly develop your SACCI Membership Deliverables and improve your experience in the Chamber movement. Yours in organized business,
Adv Mtho Xulu