Dear Member,

The U.S. Commercial Service has a program called Business Service Provider (BSP) in which will feature local service providers on our website. This new online Business Service Providers (BSP) directory will promote firms that assist international businesses and overseas investors.

The aim of BSP is to establish a database of diverse service providers in South Africa that anyone searching the internet in the United States or South Africa may find in one place. 

Once completed, the website would look similar to this  India Business Service Providers (  Upon finished, the page will be linked to our  South Africa ( landing page.

In addition to the foregoing, we are developing a South African Digital Commercial Guide that will supplement the Country Commercial Guide for South Africa (South Africa Country Commercial Guide ( in the form of a digital Magazine.

Why should your company be a part of this:

  • This allows your company to market its services not just to our South African clients but mainly to our U.S. clients as well
  • Your company will be listed our website International Trade Administration which is the primary point for U.S. firms wanting to expand their exports globally and may need local service providers to assist them with services that are beyond our scope.
  • The Digital Commercial Guide will be populated on our website, social media sites, companies in the United States, our clients, and stakeholders both local and international, and numerous U.S. Department of Commerce offices from various states in the United States will share the guide with their clients.
  • Our South African U.S. Commercial Service office, also assists U.S. clients to expand in Sub-Saharan Africa therefore the Digital Commercial Guide will be shared with our colleagues within the region who will populate it to their clients
  • Our website has a high number of visitors per month and these visitors will be able to view your company’s services

This is an excellent opportunity for your company to be mentioned as a resource for companies in the United States and South Africa. We share these suppliers at no cost to our clients, with the caveat that it is not an endorsement. 

The programs have a low annual subscription and below are the fees structures:

Service:Initial Annual fees:Annual Renewal fees:
Business Service Provider (BSP)$350$250
Digital Guide (DG)$450$350
Both BSP and DG$750$550

What you will get on the new BSP page dedicated to South Africa:

  • Your company logo, profile and contact information will be highlighted
  • You will increase your company’s visibility within the local and international business community
  • May improve your website SEO by connecting to and being connected from our .gov website

If you have any questions, please contact / Tel: +27-11-290-3120