Research Assistance

I undertake research on a commercial basis and would like to help you find your “missing” ancestors. The following services are offered:

Document Lookup Service

You need to search the Website of the National Archive at and find the reference number for the file you are interested in – I will look up the file for you and make a transcription, photocopy or digital scan of the relavent documents in the file. This service is particularly useful to look up Death Notices, one of the most valuable source documents for Genealogical Research in South Africa – see Sample Documents for an example of a Death Notice. For this service I charge US $ 7.00 per file accessed plus US $ 1.00 per page copied/transcribed/scanned.

Time-based Research

If you cannot find the information you need in the National Archives Website, I will do the research for you on an hourly rate basis. This is ideal for follow-up research, once you have obtained copies of Death Notices etc etc.. I charge US $ 15 per hour for this service.

Fixed Rate service

This service is ideal when you need to do research into a surname or to find ancestors in Foreign Countries for the purposes of Ancestral Visa Applications. I provide an initial search of all readily available sources, such as published Genealogies, Periodicals, the National Archives Database, Omnibus Genealogies, Voter’s Rolls etc etc. I spend about 3 hours researching the specific family or families and charge US $ 40 for the initial search. I provide a report with recommendations of further research, together with an estimate of the cost thereof.

Payment may be made by mailing the amount in Dollar Bills (notes) to my address in South Africa or depositing the amount into my S A Banking account. Payment by PayPal is also acceptable.

Please e-mail me for further information