BUSA presentation on the upcoming 2019 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement

For your information, please find attached a presentation delivered by BUSA to the Nedlac Public Finance & Monetary Policy Chamber (PFMPC) meeting yesterday, which outlines BUSA’s position on the key public finance risks and outlines proposed themes for engagement between social partners at Nedlac.

Engagements on fiscal policy are ongoing in the context of the Nedlac PFMPC and Jobs Summit Macroeconomic Task Team, and members will be updated as developments arise.

Tender Bulletin 17 May 2019

Please find the latest Tender Bulletin on the link below for your information and reference.


Autumn Fun Run & Day – 1 June 2019

Save the date for all the Fun Run enthusiasts

SACCI Post Election Press Statement – Post 2019

SACCI Post Election Press Statement

In a statement issued by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), the CEO of SACCI Mr Alan Mukoki said:


The national elections of 8 May 2019 have come and gone, and South Africans from all walks of life have exercised their constitutionally enshrined rights to vote to choose a leader and political party of their choice. They voted peacefully, freely and without any fear, unconstitutional influence or intimidation in making their choices. The elections were peaceful.  SACCI congratulates the IEC, the political parties and all South Africans for yet another well-executed election.

The pronouncement by the IEC, local and international election observers and political parties that the elections were free and fair, seems to be well received by most South Africans. The pronouncement to the contrary by the other political parties may seem trivial but cannot and should not be ignored by the IEC. SACCI recommends that the substance of the allegations, trivial as they may seem to some, be investigated thoroughly and addressed so that the election processing incorporates and addresses the areas of concern raised, and staff is trained and developed to manage such, all to counter any possible risks that the parties in question have complained about. The credibility of elections in South Africa are a critical pillar of the mature state of democracy that the country has had every right to boast about. It is critical therefore that the IEC does whatever is necessary to maintain its globally acclaimed state of credibility.

Although South Africans voted for different parties, their hopes, fears, and concerns are the same – they all hope for a higher growth rate in the economy, they all hope for policies that foster the creation of more jobs, better healthcare and education, reduction of crime and corruption; and broadly elimination of social injustices and an improvement of the lives of ordinary people. The country has most of the foundations and fundamentals necessary to make all the above-listed elements a possibility. All that is needed is implementation.

The mandate that has been given to the ANC as the winning party, and especially the President by South Africans, is to form a government that serves all South Africans regardless who they voted for, in addition to a mandate to win the confidence of all the stakeholders locally and internationally, a government that is fully capacitated and empowered to implement policies that achieve economic growth and all the other mentioned elements. The appointment of a team of skilled, experienced

and dedicated ministers and government officials is paramount. South Africans and all its stakeholders wait in anticipation to see what kind of team the President will announce to manage and lead government. SACCI recommends the appointment of officials who are free of any taint of corruption or nonperformance, as this alone will boost the confidence of business in the new government. An increased business confidence level is among the most important foundations of a growth economy. It is when business confidence is high that immediate decisions are made to work hand in hand with government and all other stakeholders to grow the economy. Businesses would not hesitate to make short, medium and long term investment decisions that create economic growth and jobs, if they have confidence in government.

SACCI recommends the appointment of a team that comprises a mix of expertise/experience and youth/energy. SACCI also strongly recommends immediate adoption of measures that prevent corruption, and measures that quickly and swiftly detect and harshly deals with corruption and nonperformance.

SACCI and its affiliate chambers and corporate members are looking forward to engaging the new provincial and national government officials in the achievement of economic growth for the betterment of South Africa.


NERSA Consultation paper for an updated Licensing Exemption and Registration Notice

Please find attached NERSA’s consultation paper on the draft amendment notice of licencing exemption and registration notice.

The deadline for comments is 24 May 2019. BUSA has requested an extension for comment and will advise members of the outcome.

Please send preliminary comments by close of business, Friday, 17 May 2019.    

Roundabout Tour

We are on the Road again – on 05 June 2019 ,and will be doing our second day tour and it promises to be filled with adventure and lovely food again.

Please make your bookings asap to avoid disappointment.

See you on the bus.


Please SAVE THE DATE for our next Business Network meeting on 14 May 2019 at Silverstar Casino.

Come and meet the President of SACCI and discuss the way forward economically with him.

Trust to see you there!

Employment Promotion Project: The NPC & Inequality

Please see attached a study (and accompanying terms of reference) done through the Employment Promotion Project (EPP) on the NPC review of progress towards the achievement of economic targets in the NDP 2030. This work was completed by TIPS.

In terms of the EPP, BUSA is required to respond as follows:

  • Identify the extent to which the ToR have been complied with;
  • Point out areas that need clarification or further development, elaboration or addition;
  • Indicate if we would like a follow up workshop or research (if the research is too one sided); and
  • Generally indicate if we are happy for the report to be signed off and the provider be paid.

Please send any comments on the draft study to me by no later than 12:00 on Monday 29 April 2019.

EPP 4 Proposal 30 Economy NPC

Project 30. The NDP and inequality


Please SAVE THE DATE for our next Business Network meeting on 14 May 2019 at Silverstar Casino.

Come and meet the President of SACCI and discus the way forward economically with him.

Trust to see you there !

Invest in South Sudan Roadshow

The Republic of South Sudan in collaboration with SACCI is embarking on a global roadshow to promote investment and trade opportunities between the two countries.
You are hereby cordially invited to a presentation by the Government of South Sudan on Wednesday, April 24 from 9h00 to 16h00 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

Following a short presentation by Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and Hon. Salvatore Garang Mabiordit, Minister of Finance and Planning, you will have the opportunity to engage directly through one-on-one meetings with the delegation of ministers and key South Sudanese industry leaders:

  •  Hon. Paul Mayom Akech, Minister of Trade, Industry and East African Affairs
  •  Hon. Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec, Minister of Agriculture and Food Security
  •  Hon. Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, Minister of Petroleum
  •  Hon. Gabriel Thokuj Deng, Minister of Mining
  •  Hon. Dr Abraham Maliet Mamer, South Sudan Investment Authority Secretary General
  •  Dr. Chol Thon Abel, Managing Director, Nilepet Corporation
  •  Hon. Dier Tong, Central Bank Governor
  •  Leaders from the private sector

Seats are limited, so please respond here before Thursday, April 18.

Please click on the link for more information and registration https://www.southsudanroadshow.com/

Please forward this invite to any person you think may be interested in attending this event.