Employment Promotion Project: The NPC & Inequality

Please see attached a study (and accompanying terms of reference) done through the Employment Promotion Project (EPP) on the NPC review of progress towards the achievement of economic targets in the NDP 2030. This work was completed by TIPS.

In terms of the EPP, BUSA is required to respond as follows:

  • Identify the extent to which the ToR have been complied with;
  • Point out areas that need clarification or further development, elaboration or addition;
  • Indicate if we would like a follow up workshop or research (if the research is too one sided); and
  • Generally indicate if we are happy for the report to be signed off and the provider be paid.

Please send any comments on the draft study to me by no later than 12:00 on Monday 29 April 2019.

EPP 4 Proposal 30 Economy NPC

Project 30. The NDP and inequality