The last day to prepare for the lockdown COVID19 has arrived. By this time
next week we will all have become used to the restrictions and by then we as
Super Resilient South Africans will have adjusted to the strict rules and
will have settled down to the necessity of this tumultuous time in our
history. Not easy - but realising that it has to be done for the sake of our
own lives and those dear to us!

We - and the Chamber movement generally - have not been fully informed by
the Government - I believe that they are also still working through this
minefield of regulations and doing what needs to be done - that which has
never before been done in South Africa. Let us all help to make this work -
despite the very serious financial and other demands made on Business and
Workers alike.

What has become clear is that the number of exemptions are very limited and
will only apply to critically important suppliers and then only for supplies
that are required in the execution of those activities that have been
determined. As a simple example coal will only be allowed to be mined in so
far as it is required to generate electricity and supermarkets will only be
allowed to sell items on the list of food items. Items such as electrical
appliances and garden tools etc will not be allowed to be sold.
Provision has been made in Government Gazette R 398 for permits to perform
essential services - If you need to deliver goods or you are of the opinion
that staff should come to your premises to perform duties that comply with
the list of Critical Services and goods, issue your driver or staff member
with a copy of the Form 1 in Annexure C of the Gazette (attached hereto)
signed by your CEO or Managing Director that certifies that you manufacture
goods or supply services that are necessary for the provision of the list of
Critical Services - and define the goods in your letter.

Our offices will close but the critical staff will remain on duty off-site
and our e-mails, whatsapps and SMSs will be responded to. Our Telkom numbers
will also be redirected to cellphone numbers and we will be available 24/7
whilst this lockdown is in force to issue export documentation and for any
other assistance required by members.

We enclose herewith all the official press releases and Governement Gazettes
that have been issued.

Finally may we wish you all well - wash your hands regularly and keep a safe
distance from all that you need to communicate with.