ESKOM Public Notice re Interruption of Bulk Electricity Supply to Randwest Municipality

You are probably aware of the Notice sent to Residents/Business clients in Randwest Municipal Area – we attach a copy of the notice for ease of reference. We also append a press release from the office of the Executive Mayor saying that “…that every possible action will be taken to avert the electricity outage…”

An amount of R 235 million is currently due to ESKOM by Randwest Municipality and they clearly do not have the current cash resources to pay ESKOM the full amount.

ESKOM will interrupt supply for 6 hours per weekday for the first week from 27 November and 14 hours per weekday from 4 December until the breach is remedied by the Municipality.

This is obviously an untenable situation especially for business and residential customers who have paid and continue to pay their monthly municipal bills.

The West Rand Chamber delivered a letter to the Executive Mayor, MMC for Finance and Municipal Manager today demanding an urgent meeting with the Executive Mayor in order to apply pressure on the municipality to get their house in order and to reach a settlement with ESKOM.

The Chamber will also make representations to ESKOM to find a solution to the problem of Business paying for their services but being “punished” by ESKOM for the failures of the Municipality.

We will provide feedback to our members after the meeting tomorrow with the Executive Mayor.

Public Notice