The son of one of our Directors of the Golden Age Village and Memorial Flats is busy with a Masters Degree and needs to obtain comments on a questionnaire on Project Management techniques in small enterprises and start-up businesses. Please assist him by doing the survey – it will only take a few minutes

I am Ronnie Rhodes, I am currently completing my Masters dissertation; I would really appreciate a very short amount of your time in order to assist me in gathering research data. I am studying the use, or lack thereof, of project management techniques during the start-up phase of companies. The link that follows directs you to a short questionnaire, in the form of a Google Form, which should only take a minute or two to complete. This is completely voluntary and anonymous; zero personal data will be captured.

Lastly, if it is not too much trouble, please forward this link to any associate who may have been involved in the start-up of a company.