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FORM 1 Membership Mission Statement

MEMBERSHIP – MOGALE TOURISM   Mogale Tourism is an autonomous, non – profit, Article 21 Company.  Mogale Tourism depends on contributions such as membership fees, projects, etc.  We depend on local companies like yourself, to adopt a social responsible program in contributing towards the marketing of our town.   The Main Business of the Company is to promote the advantages and benefits ofMogaleCity and its environs as a tourist destination that offer sound working, living, business and investment opportunities and attract an ever-increasing number of tourists. The Mission of the Company is to look past traditional approaches to publicize, market and brandMogaleCity as “The Treasure Chest of Gauteng”, “The Doorstep to the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage site” and “The Ultimate Destination” in a cost effective way.       Mogale Tourism:  
  • Furnishes information to the many inquiries about undertakings and products.
  • Distributes maps ofMogaleCity and other parts of theWest Rand area.
  • Arranges excursions and entertainment for globetrotters including visitors to local organisations and businesses.
  • IntroducesMogaleCity and surroundings to the public and the outside world by means of press, radio, films, brochures, exhibitions and several other projects.
  • Liaises with Publicity Association’s throughout the country and has brochures on almost all holiday and pleasure resorts.
  • Assists service organisations where possible, and promotes the interests of its members.
  • Distributes a newsletter,  wherein we encourage our members to announce their interests and also inform us about special offers, which is very beneficial to yourself and our members.
  • Offers an accommodation booking service.
  • Places your advertising material at our office to be in the reach of potential visitors to your area.
  • Maintains a globally activeMogaleCity and District Internet Website.


The annual membership fee for your establishment at present, is R 627 vat included. Including a link of your existing website to www.thewestrand.co.za   Updates on a daily basis     BY BECOMING A MEMBER YOU WOULD:   Mogale Tourism was awarded by IAFT for the best website.
  • Receive and be allowed to contribute to an annual newsletter –
  • Be able to display brochures / advertising material on your product in our office –
  • Benefit from our accommodation booking service.
    Banking Details: BANK:                                  ABSA KRUGERSDORP ACCOUNT NAME:            MOGALE TOURISM ACCOUNT NO:                   310-670-189 BRANCH CODE:                630-241   Yours faithfully,               DEHLIA VAN STADEN DIRECTOR Ledewerf/p10          




Application form for Membership
  To : The President Mogale Tourism PO Box 1575 Krugersdorp 1740 Aan : Die President Mogale Tourism Posbus 1575 Krugersdorp 1740 I am interested in becoming a partner of Mogale Tourism and to support the programmes entirely.   Ek will graag 'n vennoot van Mogale Tourism word en onderneem om die aktiwiteite van die Vereniging aktief te ondersteun. Company Name : Maatskappy se Naam : _____________________________________________________ Address (Physical) : Adres (Fisies) : ___________________________________________________________ Postal/Posbus : ___________________________________________________________ Contact person or individual : Kontakpersoon of individu : ________________________________________________ Tel : Telnr : _________________________________ Cell : Sel : _________________________________ Fax No : Faks Nr : _________________________________ E-mail :                                                            Website: E pos : _____________________________  Webblad:___________________________ Date : Datum : __________________________________________ Signauture : Hantekening _______________________________________ Please fill in the document and fax it back to the Office 011 660-4865, together with your proof of payment.