Dr Rob Stegmann is Senior Academic in the Department of Academic Planning and Development at Boston City Campus, Stellenbosch, the Academic Head Office. According to Stegmann, “At Boston, we have witnessed students who have grit and perseverance to overcome obstacles and push through to graduate. However, there are those students that have all the ingredients for success but are precluded from achieving a higher education qualification due to lack of financial support”.

Boston has committed to partnering financially with prospective students to facilitate growth and development both personally and for South Africa as a country. “This investment will mean that prospective students enrolling in one of the many Higher Certificates on offer at Boston will get a chance to pursue their dreams and take ownership of their futures. Boston will invest up to a third of the fees for a Higher Certificate and students will be required to contribute the remaining fees (with flexible payment options)”. He continues, “I believe that in this programme Boston stands out as absolutely unique amongst the Higher Education providers in South Africa”. UPFRONT PAYMENT ON HIGHER CERTIFICATE ( only one year Boston Higher Certificate Programmes) : R22 900 ( this excludes SABPP Higher Certificate Programmes )

Stegmann’s passion for educating the youth shows. There is a ripple effect on the broader society when we educate our youth; graduates who find employment not only contribute to the economy, but become billboards for the transformative power of education”.

Boston learners receive individual attention from training advisors as well as from admin staff. Administrative issues are tackled quickly, without standing in queues. Academic issues are addressed immediately.  Students can skype, call or email their lecturers in the Higher Education department – one on one friendly attention! The technology-based education at Boston has resulted in outstanding results, year after year. This proven methodology addresses imbalances in previous education, allowing faster learners to go quickly through the content, and allowing learners who require revision to move at their own pace, without disrupting others. In addition, as we have seen in 2020, e-learning is an essential component of any qualification.

Boston has since establishment placed an emphasis on career counselling, helping learners to investigate career options as well. “We have seen through our many years of experience that if a learner studies something that they love, and that they have an interest in, they are way more likely to succeed and to complete their course. We want learners to commit to finishing their qualifications and the way to ensure this is by helping them find something they want to do for many years!” says Pranesh Harilal of Boston Umhlanga. Added to this is the accreditation of the Boston Qualifications. Pranesh explains that Boston values external accreditation by regulating bodies. “Our Higher education qualifications are accredited by the Council on Higher Education, locally and we also have international institutional recognition. The occupational qualifications also have industry accreditation – Boston is recognised by CompTia (USA) as the top training provider and certification partner in Africa and third globally.  “It is essential that when you qualify with a career that you have industry recognition and academic recognition, this increases your value in the employment market and gives both you and your future employers’ confidence in what you have studied,” he says.

To further assist student, all textbooks are included in the fees – this could save you more than R5000 each year. We have also put financial payment plans in place to allow learners to pay for their studies over a specified amount of time, so you do not have to pay all your fees upfront. Boston qualifications make you work ready. This means that you require hardly any training when newly employed at a company. When you complete a bookkeeping course, you hit the ground running in the office, ready to tackle a set of books.

“All in all, we believe that you need to look at the student with a broad perspective, take all environmental and personal factors into account, career choice and industry preference,” says Pranesh. This allows the student to then make the best possible selection of the best-suited qualification at the best campus

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