Amazing Race

Good day Member and Friends

Let us have some great fun and even stand a chance to win big money !!!

Come on put on your adventure shoes and support this great event.

The People for Wildlife Amazing Race is an experimental fund raising event hosted by the committee and is being held on Sunday 6 May 2018.
The objective of the exercise is not only to raise much needed funds for our conservation efforts but also to make people aware of the work being done in protecting our wildlife heritage.
Fantastic prizes are on offer and the first 3 places are guaranteed a prize money of:
 1st R5 000.00
 2nd R2 000.00
 3rd R1 000.00

How it works
 The race is based on the TV programme whereby teams drive to various landmarks / attractions and then have to do a task in order to score points.
 The team that completes the courses in a given time and scores the most points at each stop will win the race.
 The “pit stops” are planned as not to delay the team for more than 10 to 15 minutes after which they are given their next clue and sent on their way.
 We will kick off at 08h00 from the Khosa club, Corner of Shannon and Fredrick Cooper Drive, Krugersdorp, and the last teams should return to the Khosa club shortly after 14h30 on the day.
 Your entry number will determine your placing at the start line.

How to enter
 A team consisting of one vehicle and a maximum of 4 people enters the race by submitting the attached entry form.
 An entry fee of R800.00 per team secures your place.
 There are a limited amount of teams / entries that can be catered for and accordingly a first come first serve basis is used to determine the competitors.
 You will be given your starting time according to your entry number.
 Go on then – Enter and go MAD * Make A Difference *

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